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Model and Value of a Pechauer Cue

Model and Value of a Pechauer Cue

I'm trying to find the model of a Pechauer cue and how much it is worth.

07479585-8B87-4871-B777-39351B304136.jpeg D6D11D34-48C7-4CAC-8F23-2C21848C74B9.jpeg



Model and Value of a Pechauer Cue

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  1. user1620640065user1623371396 on 7/15/2021 5:43:04 AM

    I'm a Pechauer cue owner as well. I looked through their site, even in their retired cues section, and did not find that cue anywhere. More than likely it was a custom cue someone had made. Usually I don't see their production cues being signed like that. They usually have a "JP" logo on the bottom of the cue at the end of the butt.

    If you want to know more about it, you can actually contact Pechauer Cues on their website and they will get back to you. I inquired something from them and I got a response back within a few days.

    If it is a custom Pechauer cue, then it's likely worth no less that $900 (this is a estimated guess).

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Model and Value of a Pechauer Cue

  • Title: Model and Value of a Pechauer Cue
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  • Published: 5/10/2021 2:47:45 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/4/2021 1:48:29 AM
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