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Mystery Meucci Cue Identification

Mystery Meucci Cue Identification

I've looked everywhere trying to find out what model of Meucci cue this is, so i was hoping that someone here might be able to tell me / provide a little info. I checked a few sites that had archived catalogs but alas, still no mentioned of my cue.

Mystery Meucci Cue Identification

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  1. guestbilliardsforum on 6/18/2012 12:57:50 PM

    You have a Meucci WS-2 from the Meucci Winter Series 1995 release.

    This is a correct Meucci Winter Series brochure.

    The other 1998 Meucci Winter Series brochure image that is floating around everywhere is INCORRECT. This has been confirmed by "Darren" at Meucci Cues, INC. The Meucci WS-2 pictured there is actually the WS-9.

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Mystery Meucci Cue Identification

  • Title: Mystery Meucci Cue Identification
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/11/2012 9:10:08 AM