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Late 1960s Sampaio 42-Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pool Cue

Late 1960s Sampaio 42-Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pool Cue

I have a Portuguese Sampaio 19oz cue, with 42 mother-of-pearl inlays. I purchased the cue new around 1969, and would appreciate your help in identifying the cue, with the possibility of putting it up for sale on this forum.

As for condition, the shaft and butt are both like new. The original shaft is absolutely flawless—no nicks, dings, or scratches; perfectly true on granite, with a recent, professionally installed tip. I read years ago the shaft was made from old-growth maple. The butt is like-new condition, with only a couple of barely-noticeable tiny dents. The butt carving is very detailed and precise, and the bumper is new. The joint is tight without having to over tighten, and the two markings on the tail end of the butt read “Sampaio” and “Portugal”. Also, the stick has never been used for a break.

I would be grateful for any history or information, (especially if the inlays are true mother-of-pearl), about this stick you could share.

If requested, I would provide my cell number in a DM.

Best regards,
Al Keegan
Leander, Texas




Late 1960s Sampaio 42-Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. Al Keeganmoenorman on 8/31/2023 5:12:19 PM

    It's a Sampaio "The Premier" pool cue from the mid 1960s.

    They sold for $50, new.

    Google "Sampaio Premier" for an idea of the asking prices. You'll see folks asking all kinds of prices. Look on eBay to see what they've actually sold for. I see only one that sold and it's up for sale again so I'm guessing it wasn't paid for. My guess is that it is worth around $200 if it's in mint condition and is straight.

    Good luck.

  2. Al Keeganbilliardsforum on 9/6/2023 7:34:08 PM

    Here is the Sampaio #112 "The Premier" pool cue from the mid-1960s Sampaio pool cue catalog, page 4.

    Note the description says the inlays are indeed mother-of-pearl.


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Late 1960s Sampaio 42-Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pool Cue

  • Title: Late 1960s Sampaio 42-Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pool Cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/29/2023 2:52:21 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/6/2023 7:23:05 PM
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