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Gold Foil Original By Palmer with Titlist Forearm

Gold Foil Original By Palmer with Titlist Forearm

I have a very rare "by Palmer" pool cue stick as shown below.

I would really really like to know more of the history behind this specific gold foil with a "R.T. Collier" stamp on a Eugene Balner Palmer cue.

The company has been around for an extremely long time and I have seen very limited gold foil Palmer cues and even fewer so with the original Titlist turquoise and purple design from before he used Irish linen wraps.


20171115_145923.jpg 20171115_150024.jpg

Gold Foil Original By Palmer with Titlist Forearm

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  1. Eightballplaya78billiardsforum on 2/13/2018 6:57:14 PM

    It sounds like you already know your stuff so there probably isn't much I can really tell you except the specifics you are asking about were likely just custom options.

    From my (limited) experience identifying these "Original by Palmer" cues, I would suspect it is a custom variation on the Palmer Model #7 from the 1st Palmer catalog (1965).



    The name was probably the name of the person it was ordered for, and they probably specified that they wanted the gold material and paid extra for it. The standard default was silver and if no personalization was requested, it would just have said "Original by Palmer"

    You could customize most of the main parts of the cues. The first Palmer catalog models were available with either the delrin wrap or Irish linen. Joints were available in brass, nickel, or silver. Permanent or screw-on ferrules, and multiple tip brands were available.

    As the Blue Book of Pool Cues states, Palmer Custom Cues co. became very efficient at making "custom" production cues - where each cue was adjusted to the specs of each customer. By 1970 they were putting out ~200 of these a week.

    This 1st catalog Palmer model #7 cue below was for sale in 2017 for $1500. It isn't personalized and had the silver window instead of the gold like yours.



  2. Eightballplaya78Type79 on 4/1/2018 11:38:29 AM

    The cue shown may or may not be a Model 7. It requires closer examination and pictures of the joint and pin. It may actually be a pre-catalog Model D.

    Palmer foils were personalized at no extra charge and there was no real rhyme or reason whether a gold or silver foil was used. The exception might have been with the senior models such as the third catalog Model 20 or second catalog Model K.

    The blue Model 7 shown above has been for sale forever and the asking price is not representative of the value of this specific model nor any Palmer for that matter. Nice Model 7's sell between $600-$800.

    For those interested, there is an active Palmer group on Facebook.

  3. Eightballplaya78user1682938703 on 5/1/2023 6:58:24 AM

    I have a Palmer catalog 1 model 8 pool cue and I'm looking for the 1" foil for it.

    When I purchased the cue somewhere around 1970, my name was spelled wrong. I should have left it alone but removed the foil thinking that I would be able to replace.

    I am not looking for the personalization, only the "Original By Palmer".

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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Gold Foil Original By Palmer with Titlist Forearm

  • Title: Gold Foil Original By Palmer with Titlist Forearm
  • Author: (Eightballplaya78 copeland)
  • Published: 2/8/2018 12:15:01 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/13/2018 6:57:41 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)