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Looking for a good online retailer

Looking for a good online retailer

Hey all, I'm in the market for my own cue I guess. So what do I need to know when buying a pool cue? I'm a big golf player, and I know some retailers are "authorized dealers" which will grant you extended warranties and good deals. So I'm wondering, does this apply to pool cues too? If any of you know anything about golf, you know like Golfsmith and TGW are the top retailers, and they are...no doubt about it. Anyhow I'm looking for something about like that. I've googled about a google times and I'm gettin googled out. So if you can, please lend some good honest advice, thanks a bunch.

Looking for a good online retailer

Replies & Comments

  1. JustanotherevolutionaryJohninTennessee on 6/13/2008 9:07:04 PM

    I have bought from pooldawg.com snd they handled my questions and the service was good.

  2. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 6/13/2008 9:11:47 PM

    You can google until the cows come home, but if you do not know what you want then you may as well go join them in the pasture. My advice to you would be to go to one of your local billiard parlors and talk to the person who runs the place. He will be happy to (I think ) to give you some good advice and information to help you decide what you may want. He views you as a new customer. You should try different cues to see what weight you are comfortable with. The cues come in weights from 18 to 21 and in the extreme 22 ozs. Once you make up your mind you can then Google different dealers and companies. There are more different cuesticks out there than there are golf clubs. When you settle on a dealer or company contact the the one you choose and talk to a sales guy and tell him what your position is. He will be happy to help you. Or, you can look up billiard retailers in your city and go see them in person. If that's possible I think that would your best bet. Cuesticks are not golf clubs. Remember that when you talk to a sales rep. Good luck with your search.

  3. Justanotherevolutionarybilliardsforum on 6/13/2008 10:33:25 PM

    great advice quickshot.

    If you are worried about 'genuine' merchandise, you can always contact the manufacturers and they will typically send you a "list of authorized dealers" in a given area. They too want to combat counterfeit and Black/Grey market sales.

  4. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/14/2008 9:46:24 AM

    Alright thanks everyone. That's about what I figured. I do know the cue I want, at least I know the size, that is. Which is why I am looking to buy online, all the retailers around here seem to know less about pool than even I, the amateur. I picked out 4 sticks online, called my local stores and they didn't even seem to know what I was talking about. I think we have 1 or 2 actual billiards halls in the whole city (Spokane). The rest are redneck bars. I am a little scared of buying a cue I've never tried but I know 19.5 with just a medium to soft hit is my comfort zone, so maybe it's ok? The stick I have my eye on now is a Viking G05 19.5 with plastic joint, 12.75mm shaft and lepro hard tip. If anyone has any personal experience with a similar Viking, perhaps you could lend your insight and opinion on this cue and Viking's reputation with consumers. Thanks again everyone, really appreciate it.

  5. Justanotherevolutionarybilliardsforum on 6/14/2008 9:57:37 AM

    It sounds like you've really done your research.

    I'll be visiting your lovely state of Washington next week for business, but I'll be about 4 hours away in Bellevue, which is just outside of Seattle.

    Is there a big pool player population in Spokane? If there was, you'd think there would be more halls! But hey, two is better than none, which is what a lot of cities are seeing.

  6. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/14/2008 11:15:11 AM

    I would say the player population around here is ample. Although most of the action is at the bars. It's probably more about the beer and just screwing around, than actually playing. Which is very disappointing to those of us who go for the pool first and beer second or not at all. It's hard to see improvement in your own game when the competition is half drunk or just doesn't really care. Even the leagues and tournaments are pretty sloppy at best. I couldn't tell you much about the scene on the west side of the state. Portland, OR is a pretty decent "pool town" so I imagine Seattle area is similar, since they are already alike in so many ways. I here a lot about this decline of pool halls and magazines etc. now that I pay more attention to it. Why is that, and is it all true? Is the billiards scene slowly dying, at least commercially? I really like it the way it is now, and don't want it to be a huge spectacle. Hopefully there will never be a "Tiger" of pool or a revoulution in the equipment that vastly changes the way it's played, such as the case with golf. Carbon Fiber drivers and "metal woods" I mean wtf, just saying "metal woods" gives me a headache. They have had to redo the whole game, longer courses that still aren't long enough and now everything is way over priced. Yea, thanks for nothing Tiger. To me, the quieter the pool scene, the better.

  7. Justanotherevolutionarybilliardsforum on 6/14/2008 11:21:22 AM

    Yeah, I asked myself the same question - why is billiards slowly dying? I did a post about it called "The popularity of billiards" and I'm hoping to get some good comments from the forum members.

    On a positive note, you won't see this site do anything but grow. It won't be sold, and I won't let it die. I've actually been buying up other pool sites as their owners decide they aren't worth the time, or they aren't making any money.

  8. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 6/14/2008 7:16:43 PM

    Okay, so you have done your homework and you do not have to join the cows in the pasture. I understand where you are coming from. Is pool becoming a dying sport? I hope not. As for your cue why don't you go to Vikings website and talk to the people. I like your choice of tip and shaft. Many of the online retailers have some kind of a return policy, and I have the impression that they are not out to gouge anyone. It does not pay, the competition is fierce. I have dealt with Ozonze Billiards ( in Georgia) and Cheapcues who is located in Oregon. I never had a problem. Of course there are many sites out there to choose from. Give a few a call and see what developes. I have been to WA many times (I guess about 40 over the past 20 years). My daughter lived in Gig Harbor and now lives in Tacoma. Good luck with your search and let us know what you decide on. On a cross country trip about 50 years ago I even stopped in Spokane.

  9. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/14/2008 8:39:21 PM

    It wouldn't be all bad, I do like cows. I did go to Viking's site and indeed found a list of pastuerized, I mean, authorized online dealers...So my search is nearing an end. Probably will go with Cheapcues because of their location, and price. Thanks for the good advice quickshot. If in another 50 years you decide to visit Spokane again, don't. It's not worth it, but maybe you learned that 50 years ago. Thanks again.

  10. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 6/14/2008 9:27:51 PM

    You're very welcome. Let us know what the final decision is. I think Cheapcues is a good choice. I bought a break & jump cue from them and it had a small flat mark on the ferrule. I emailed Mike and he sent another without question.


  11. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/17/2008 1:03:52 PM

    Well I ended up going to Hawley's Billiards because they are authorized Viking retailers. When I ordered I was surprised to find they don't give a free soft case though, as most places do. So I asked for the cheapest soft case they had. They didn't have any. So they gave me a hard case for 50% off. Shipping is super cheap so I was able to do 2 day on it. And after all that it was still $10-$20 cheaper then any where else. Freindly, knowledgable, and very efficient. If you're in the market for a Viking it's the place to go. I would call to order so you can take advantage of all the free customization options they have. The cue is also coming directly from Viking, which can't be a bad thing. I'm "utterly" pleased.

  12. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 6/17/2008 2:01:13 PM

    It looks like you are ready to go. Good luck with the cue. Do you just do bar play or do you belong to the APA or the BCA league?

  13. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 6/18/2008 9:43:04 PM

    I play in an APA league, if you can call it that even. I also do a lot of bar pool in the mean time. My cousin is into pool so we shoot almost every night for at least 3 hours. I must say I prefer playing BCA, but it seems most prefer APA which is alright. It's definately more easy going. I just got fed up with house cues, and knew I should have my own for tournaments. A $10 ugly stick or $3,500 cue, I HAD to get something. What about you? You seem an experienced sort. Much action where ever it is you may be?

  14. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 6/18/2008 10:51:01 PM

    There is quite a bit of APA and BCA,, but the APA I believe has more going on as far as tournements and competition goes. Who knows. Maybe because they are less stringent with the rules in 8 ball and 9 ball. I also think the APA is a larger organization than the BCA in this location. I could be wrong though. Anyway, good luck with the new cue. I'm sure it will make you happy........after you get use to it.

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Looking for a good online retailer