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Mali Pool Cue Identification and Value

Mali Pool Cue Identification and Value

I own a Mali pool cue and was wondering if someone could tell me any information, such as age or value, about it. It is used with some greying of the wood and a couple scratches. It also has a black case with the name "Mali" embroidered on it.



Mali Pool Cue Identification and Value

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  1. Eismann423billiardsforum on 4/20/2017 5:52:25 AM

    It is most likely a Mali 386-6 from the Mali 386 Series. Within that 386 series, there were different years e.g. 1994 386 series, 1996 386 series... etc... but the cues were the same. Not sure how to tell which year it was made. Probably can't really. (By the way the photo for the Mali 386 #6 cue in the Blue Book of Pool Cue Values is incorrect. Mentioning it as it can get confusing).

    MALI SERIES 3866 - Diamonds inlaid into Ebony An elegant cue. Stainless steel 3/8 x 10 joint screw into wood-threaded shaft gives an incomparable solid hit. Hand pressed, 6-ply Irish Linen wrap.


    I found this Mali cue model in a few catalogs, so can't nail it down exactly. It was made somewhere in early 1990s but was still being sold in the late 1990s e.g. the 1997 cuestix catalog had it.

    Mali page in the 1997 Cuestix catalog. Yours is 2nd pool cue from the right:


    Here is one that was selling on eBay with a "sold date" of March, 13 2011. It probably sold for less than $90 based on the description (as it was damaged).

    1996 MALI Model 386-6 Pool Cue

    The shaft is straight. The butt has very slight roll out. Together, the cue has a rise of about 1 mm when rolled on a hard surface. The butt cap has been re-glued and shows chipping on the edges plus scratches. There are several dents on the entire butt. This cue has a 3/8 x 10 joint.The shaft is in very good condition. In my opinion, it is worth $90 if you can use it and if you don't like the condition of the butt. I can no longer combine shipping if you buy two cues. My mailing tubes only hold one cue. This is part of a collection that I will be selling over the next several weeks. I do not sell outside the U.S.A.

    1996-mali-model-386-pool-cue_1_1e2c10f830ab58c23ea3fcc700ff5d62.jpg 1996-mali-model-386-pool-cue_1.jpg

    Also might be known as:

    • Mali 3866
    • Mali 386 #6
    • Mali 386 Series Model 6

    ...And lesser known as:

    • Mali Traditional Series #6
    • Mali TR-6


    Good luck with your search.

    Hopefully this points you in the right direction though.

  2. Eismann423Eismann423 on 4/23/2017 11:45:57 AM

    Thank you for such a speedy and detailed response. That is even more information than I was hoping for!

  3. Eismann423billiardsforum on 4/23/2017 11:54:01 AM

    Any time... and of course if you learn anything new about the cue, it would be great if you could share the info here...

    Good luck in your hunt.

  4. Eismann423user1636848023 on 11/13/2021 4:00:23 PM

    Which model is number 5? That's the one I have.

  5. Eismann423billiardsforum on 11/14/2021 2:57:09 AM

    @user1636848023 - That's the Mali 386-5 cue.

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Mali Pool Cue Identification and Value

  • Title: Mali Pool Cue Identification and Value
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/20/2017 12:20:42 AM