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ID Cue Maker

ID Cue Maker

Hi! I'm trying to determine the manufacturer of a cue that I obtained used in the early 1980s. Was wondering if anyone recognizes this style. The cue has distinctive inlay in the butt of a blonde lady embedded in a shade of a spade. This is repeated three times around the circumference of the butt. The butt is covered with a light green linen cloth above which there are four ivory inlays in the same shape of a spade. There are eight verticle inlays alternating between light and dark shades of wood. The bottom and top of the butt and the bottom of the three shafts have the distinctive square inlays. Any input would be appreciated. Thx

ID Cue Maker

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ID Cue Maker

  • Title: ID Cue Maker
  • Author: (Tom Appleman)
  • Published: 1/13/2011 3:25:53 PM