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Meucci 97-7 Limited Edition Pool Cue Info and Value

Meucci 97-7 Limited Edition Pool Cue Info and Value

I am looking at this Meucci Limited Edition pool cue as shown below.

I would like to know how many of this model were made by Meucci, and what it is worth now in excellent condition.

Any other information about this Meucci Limited Edition cue you can provide would be appreciated.


Meucci 97-7 Limited Edition Pool Cue Info and Value

Replies & Comments

  1. Jimmy Trotterbilliardsforum on 11/23/2016 2:54:03 PM

    You probably got your answer already, but for the benefit of those finding the page now:

    It is a Meucci 97-7 (or 97-07) from the Meucci 97 series. I don't believe the one in your photo is a "special edition". The 97-7 as well as a few others from the 97 line did have the logo in a non-standard area (up about 3 inches from the butt) but that was normal for this cue and it wouldn't be considered "special".

    They had a suggested retail price of $342 in the late 1990s, and they aren't really "collectible", so depending on condition, it would be somewhere below $342.


    Meucci 97 Series page1.gif

  2. Jimmy Trotteruser1705561734 on 1/18/2024 2:08:56 AM

    The Meucci 97-7 cue (and all the Meucci 97 series cues) have increased in value, as has everything else) in 2024.

    A Meucci 97-7 cue these days can be found going for upwards of $900 USD.

  3. Jimmy Trotterbilliardsforum on 1/24/2024 6:27:33 AM

    @user1705561734 - I disagree with your valuation of the Meucci 97-7 cue.

    $900 might be what folks post for sale in some cases, but I doubt they're getting that.

    Yes, a few models with more complex or sought-after designs may sell for somewhere in the vicinity of $900, but definitely not the 97-7.

    Cues from this series are plentiful in the market if you know where to look. For example, a brand new Meucci 97-12 can be had for around $570 (available right now from a Meucci dealer).

    Some others (many of which will not sell at these prices) are available right now (all on eBay, where prices tend to be highest vs other classified sites):

    • Meucci 97-9 Cue - $663 (Brand New)
    • Meucci 97-9 Cue - $323 (Used - Like New)
    • Meucci 97-10 Cue - $608 (Brand New)
    • Meucci 97-11 Cue - $332 (Used - Like New)
    • Meucci 97-11 Cue - $312 (Used - Like New) (sold this month with 12 bids)
    • Meucci 97-14 Cue - $510 (Used - Like New) (sold this month with 7 bids)
    • Meucci 97-21 Cue - $455 (Used - Like New) (sold this month with 38 bids)

    As always, I am happy to change my opinion if and when presented with supporting evidence.

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Meucci 97-7 Limited Edition Pool Cue Info and Value

  • Title: Meucci 97-7 Limited Edition Pool Cue Info and Value
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  • Published: 6/10/2015 12:48:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/14/2016 7:46:13 AM
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