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Identifying This Cue Brand

Identifying This Cue Brand

I purchased this from Todd's pro shop in VA in '04/'05 and never bothered to ask it felt good shot great but now I can't find any contacts as to who made it I can't even find out who the joint pin belongs to.

IMG_20181206_165043161.jpg IMG_20181206_165101166.jpg IMG_20181206_165054433.jpg


Identifying This Cue Brand

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  1. sbamlewisbilliardsforum on 1/13/2019 8:40:37 AM

    I don't recognize that joint pin off hand. At first I was thinking Uni-Loc, but the tip of the pin is different.

    Does the cue have any logo, picture, or anything else on the butt cap? Can't see it in any of the photos.

  2. sbamlewissbamlewis on 1/13/2019 8:53:54 AM

    There is not a distinguishing marking or name anywhere on the cue.

    I spoke with the salesman I purchased it from and he doesn't remember the make either. It was 13 years ago.

  3. sbamlewisbilliardsforum on 1/13/2019 9:59:06 AM

    Would he remember who their distributor was? Cuesitx? J&J Sales? Another?

    There are only a few big ones, and each carried distinct cue brands for the most part, and I have many of their catalogs from that period.

    It would help narrow it down and give us a place to start looking.

  4. sbamlewissbamlewis on 1/13/2019 10:06:03 AM

    I bought it from Todd's Pro Shop in VA which was owned by Todd Elkins who made Parrott Cues.

    Todd's apprentice at the time, a guy named Rayman, was my sales person.

    They had a couple of different brands. Nothing crazy, just standard cues for the time.

  5. sbamlewisMark Bellamy on 6/21/2019 1:44:56 PM

    What would you take for your unknown pool cue?

    I pay cash or PayPal.

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Identifying This Cue Brand

  • Title: Identifying This Cue Brand
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  • Published: 1/12/2019 12:36:27 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/12/2019 5:22:29 PM
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