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Model Number Info for Meucci Originals Cards and Dice Cue

Model Number Info for Meucci Originals Cards and Dice Cue

I am looking for the model number of my Meucci Originals cue.

Any info or help will be appreciated.



Model Number Info for Meucci Originals Cards and Dice Cue

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  1. johnpbilliardsforum on 4/25/2023 3:40:49 PM

    It appears to be a very early, very rare custom version of a Meucci Originals MO-12 cue which likely wouldn't have it's own model name or model number.

    Yours has extra ring-work sandwiching the dice, as well as that extra inlay in the forearm points.

    Do you know if it is "all-original", as in, having no major repair work done? It's odd for the butt cap, card backgrounds, and dice background to still be that white. They typically yellow quite badly.

    I've reached out to try to find more info for you, and will reply here if anyone knows anything.

    Is there anything else you can share about the cue?

    • Is it yours?
    • How long have you had it?
    • When and where did you buy it?
    • Anything else?
  2. johnpjohnp on 4/26/2023 12:55:56 AM

    Thank you for your response.

    • Yes the cue is mine.
    • Unfortunately it is not "all original". It had some small cracks when I got it.
    • I have owned it since 1982

    I won it betting on a nine ball game at California Billiards in Santa Clara, CA. The owner was extremely pissed off. I did not know much about pool cues at the time. I was a clueless 22 year old but I always thought it was a special cue and it improved my game ten-fold.

    A year later in 1983 I met Norm "Farmer" Webber in San Jose, CA, through his son John Webber. Norm said he knew of the cue from the east coast and said he would have it repaired by Meucci. I gave it to Norm and I believe he sent it to Meucci. I got it back six months later and it has not been touched since.

    Here are a couple more pictures for you. It has been in its cue case and has not had any sun exposure for 30+ years.





  3. johnpbilliardsforum on 4/26/2023 6:33:06 AM

    Unreal! You really do have one of the more rare Meucci Originals cues in existence.

    I would put it's value at well over $2500 (at the lowest end), and again, it's hard to even ball-park this one due to it's rarity.

    There are a few Meucci Originals cue collectors (who I reached out to for info about the cue) already asking if it's for sale.

    Thanks a million for sharing the back story and the additional photos. It's a real treat to see this cue.

  4. johnpKCCC on 4/26/2023 10:48:49 AM

    Don't sell it!

    You will regret it later...

  5. johnpjohnp on 4/26/2023 12:52:31 PM

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.

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Model Number Info for Meucci Originals Cards and Dice Cue

  • Title: Model Number Info for Meucci Originals Cards and Dice Cue
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  • Published: 4/2/2023 3:38:51 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/25/2023 3:36:08 PM
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