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Help Identifying Meucci Cues

Help Identifying Meucci Cues

I was given two pool cues by a friend which I am trying to identify. Looking for manufacturer and/or brand of the one with no logo, and the model name for both.

I know that one is a Meucci cue because it has the Meucci logo, but I’m trying to figure out the model and when it was made.

The other cue, I have no clue as to who it was made by. There are no markings on it, and I have even pulled the bumper off to see if there was anything under it, and there was nothing. It looks very similar to the Meucci Americana cues but the inlays look a little different.


Help Identifying Meucci Cues

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  1. cjsbilliardsforum on 9/8/2021 4:51:23 AM

    The Meucci cue on the left is the Meucci PPAC-1 cue from the Meucci Power Piston Accellerator series, circa 20040-2006. MSRP was $299 but it could be purchased from online dealers for a bit cheaper. It would be worth somewhere less than that today.

    The cue on the right appears to be a knock-off of the Meucci Americana-1 cue from the Meucci Americana series (as you noted). There are too many discrepancies for me to think it's even a factory 2nd or a repaired version. The bumper isn't a Meucci-style bumper, the shaft doesn't appear to be a Meucci shaft (and doesn't have the same ring detail as the matching Meucci Americana shaft would have). It is also missing the Meucci logo and a bit of ring and inlay detail in the butt sleeve.

    meucci-ppac-1-cue.jpg meucci-americana-2-cue.jpg

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Help Identifying Meucci Cues

  • Title: Help Identifying Meucci Cues
  • Author: (C. Stone)
  • Published: 8/19/2021 6:59:42 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/8/2021 4:02:34 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)