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2002 Joss J1098 Cue Value

2002 Joss J1098 Cue Value

How much is a Joss J1098 cue worth from about 2002?

The numbers on it are JOSS C10951 and model is J1098.

I'm not sure how much it's worth. It's straight, solid, and in good shape.

1594265074448_20200627_115433.jpg 1594265072172_1594263868758_20200627_115430.jpg 1594265067553_20200627_115330.jpg 1594265065366_1594263870969_20200627_115439.jpg

2002 Joss J1098 Cue Value

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2002 Joss J1098 Cue Value

  • Title: 2002 Joss J1098 Cue Value
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/9/2020 10:55:24 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/5/2020 4:19:47 PM
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