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Identify Pool Cue With Playing Cards

Identify Pool Cue With Playing Cards

My wife picked this cue up from an antique thrift shop.

I've been looking at different "gambler" and "royal flush" cues but cant find any. The closest I could find was a St. Croix cue that slightly resembles it:


I also researched it may be a custom made so I'm not sure where to look in regards to find out the make and model of the pool cue. Also I noticed the screw is pretty thick and made of brass. But I figured I would start here.

Thanks for any help!





Identify Pool Cue With Playing Cards

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  1. user1577328264billiardsforum on 1/9/2020 1:11:41 AM

    It's most likely an ASKA import cue (or similar) which knocks off a design that Bob Meucci made popular (the "gambler" playing cards and dice design).

    It's worth about $10-$15.

    Might be another a knock-off brand, but regardless, no real value.

    See also:

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Identify Pool Cue With Playing Cards

  • Title: Identify Pool Cue With Playing Cards
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  • Published: 12/25/2019 6:44:25 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/9/2020 1:16:58 AM
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