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ID a Pool Cue (Possibly by a Cue Maker Named Ralph)

ID a Pool Cue (Possibly by a Cue Maker Named Ralph)

I need some help to identify this pool cue and figure out how much it is worth.

There are no logos, names, or markings that I can find on this cue. A friend said he thinks it’s made by a cue maker named Ralph something. I am hoping the pro can figure out who made this cue.


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ID a Pool Cue (Possibly by a Cue Maker Named Ralph)

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  1. tdmillerbilliardsforum on 6/2/2020 3:08:18 AM

    This sneaky pete cue is about as generic as they come. It may also help to see the joint pin and shaft insert, but not likely.

    The clue from your friend about the cue maker named Ralph did turn up a few hits in my notes.

    Look into Ralph Chomor cues.

    Chomor and his wife owned Blackies Billiards in Sharon, PA (no longer in business) and he apparently made a decent sneaky pete cue (and also made standard playing cues).


    From my notes:

    Ralph Chomor who owns Blackie's Billiards in Sharon, PA makes a nice Sneky Pete. He is probably making custom cues by now. Ralph is a nice guy and does good work. Blackie's is a "real" pool hall, with nice people and good monthly tournaments.

    Apparently Ralph passed away in June of 2009, and custom cue making was mentioned in his obituary (emphasis ours):

    Ralph was the owner and operator of Blackie’s Billiards and Side Pocket Café in Sharon, providing full service billiards supplies and custom-made cues. He was formerly employed at General American Transportation Corp.’s former Masury plant and was a supervisor at the former Sawhill Tubular Division.

    Mr. Chomor was a member of the North Sharon Fire Hall and the F.H. Buhl Club, Sharon.

    Ralph was very active in his billiards leagues and was a certified instructor for Valley National Eight Ball Association and Billiards Congress of America, where he played in both leagues. He also operated the Penn-Ohio BCA League.

    A note on the now shuttered Blackie's Billiards website in 2011 said:

    We carry our own line of Custom Made cue sticks: Sneaky Petes

    I have no idea if that cue shown in your original question above is a Ralph Chomor sneaky pete cue, nor do I know of anyone who could verify it's origins, but I hope this was helpful in some way to identifying it.

    Here's the screen grab of the Blackie's website showing the blurb about his custom sneaky pete cues from 2011 that I mentioned above:


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ID a Pool Cue (Possibly by a Cue Maker Named Ralph)

  • Title: ID a Pool Cue (Possibly by a Cue Maker Named Ralph)
  • Author: (Todd Miller)
  • Published: 5/21/2020 5:43:21 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/2/2020 2:17:50 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)