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My OB-1 Shaft

My OB-1 Shaft

I just got an OB-1 shaft recently. I have 2 butts that Brent(BHQ) made for me last year and until now I have been playing with a Predator shaft. After a year of playing with these two cues I have found which cue I like the best.

I love my new OB-1 although I am still adjusting to it. It is hard to explain exactly what the difference is between the predator and the OB-1, but they just feel different. I would say that the OB-1 feels like a slightly softer hit, and I have the same tip on both shafts so it should be a fair comparison. Otherwise the they are both excellent shafts and the deflection is similar with both.

I have decided to play with the bocote/BEM butt and the OB-1 shaft, so if anyone is interested in the Coco/BEM butt with a first generation 314, let me know. I had the shaft before the BHQ butt so the joint diameter is off a hair, but otherwise screws together flush and play is not affected at all. The shaft has had more play than the butt by far but is still straight and in good shape. If anyone is interested I can Email pics, just PM me. Thanks

My OB-1 Shaft

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  1. djkx1quickshot on 7/19/2008 5:44:31 PM

    I have been looking at the OB-1 for a while now. I have a Player cue 19% that I really like. What will the OB1 do as far as performance? I'm retired and I do not want to spend a lot of money on something I may not be happy with.

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My OB-1 Shaft

  • Title: My OB-1 Shaft
  • Author: (Darren Keehler)
  • Published: 10/21/2007 11:38:23 AM