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Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

I picked up this Mali from an old couple getting rid of some stuff at a yard sale.. I'm a decent pool player and know my cues a little bit, so I knew was getting a good one with when I bought it.. The thing is after doing some research I couldn't find any Mali's like this one.. I asked a friend of mine that's very knows cues very well.. He said it looks like it may be an original Mali prototype made to be a store display show cue, but not really sure... I'd like to know if this cue is anything special (maybe rare collectible?) that I probably should not be using in my day to day billiard games .. Any info would be great..




Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

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Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

  • Title: Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/22/2016 5:23:10 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/25/2016 10:13:01 PM
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