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Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

I picked up this Mali from an old couple getting rid of some stuff at a yard sale.. I'm a decent pool player and know my cues a little bit, so I knew was getting a good one with when I bought it.. The thing is after doing some research I couldn't find any Mali's like this one.. I asked a friend of mine that's very knows cues very well.. He said it looks like it may be an original Mali prototype made to be a store display show cue, but not really sure... I'd like to know if this cue is anything special (maybe rare collectible?) that I probably should not be using in my day to day billiard games .. Any info would be great..




Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

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  1. user1471857788user1557525255 on 5/10/2019 2:54:16 PM

    I know this post is almost 3 years old but......

    I have just acquired a similar cue to what the OP is asking about. Mine is sapphire and in excellent condition. The silver bands on the joint, the rubber end cap, the logo, and the XXIV are all unique. Like the OP, I have never seen a Mali like this one before. Incidentally, the XXIV is not the cues weight. It comes in at 19.5 oz.

    Any info would be great but at the very least, if the OP ever sees this, at least he’ll know there’s at least two of these out there.



  2. user1471857788Chopdoc on 5/11/2019 6:37:08 AM

    Those are later model Mali cues. Not of any particular value nor special in any way. Enjoy playing them.

  3. user1471857788user1557525255 on 5/11/2019 8:21:25 AM

    Thanks for that. Do you happen to know if they were still American at this point, or Asian? Any idea what the Roman numerals are about?

  4. user1471857788billiardsforum on 5/14/2019 7:44:00 PM

    What you guys have are cues from the Mali F-Series (circa 2004-2012).

    The blue one is a Mali F-4 cue, and the green is a Mali F-3 cue. They retailed for $89 each online at sites like billiardwarehouse from between 2004 and 2012-ish


    Here's the product description from the F-4 (others are the same, but with different stain colors).

    Mali Pool Cue with a blue stained birdseye maple forearm. The butt is blue stained birdseye maple with a wide natural stained birdseye maple ring surrounded by nickel silver rings. The wrap is blue with white spec irish linen. There are two sets of nickel silver rings at the joint. The joint is stainless steel with 5/16 x 14 piloted pin. This cue comes with one shaft with a 13 mm pro taper and Le Pro tip. The quality of the finish and linen wrap on the Mali Cues are exceptional!

    Regarding the roman numerals on the butt, I thought they indicated the month and date of production of the pool cue, in the format of month and year.

    So XXIV would translate to the 10th month of '14, indicating a production date of October 2014. BUT that doesn't make sense based on when this series was in production so now I don't really know.

    Similar date indicators found on other brands.

  5. user1471857788user1557525255 on 5/14/2019 8:29:21 PM

    Thank you very much! That’s just the kind of info I was hoping to find. I spent quite some time searching the internet on this cue and except for the original question posted here, I couldn’t find so much as a picture of one.

    After "The Color Of Money" fad wound down, practically all the pool halls in my area disappeared and any billiard supply shops went with them.

    My other cues are 1990's era so this design was new to me and I mainly got it because I liked the color.

    Nice to know what it is now.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post that excellent reply.

  6. user1471857788user1608163466 on 12/16/2020 4:04:27 PM

    I have the exact same Mali cue model in blue.

    The roman numerals XXIV on the Mali cue could refer to the year 2004, which is the year I was given mine as a gift.

    Also, I found that Mali stopped making their cues in America in 2001. 😔

    They continued manufacturing the cues in the United States until 2001 when they closed the factory. The Mali brand name continued on with imported cues.

    Source: internationalcuemakers.com/hall-of-fame/

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Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?

  • Title: Info on My Mali Cue. Unique?
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  • Published: 8/22/2016 5:23:10 AM
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