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Older Brunswick Cue Model ID and Value

Older Brunswick Cue Model ID and Value

If anyone has any info on this Brunswick pool cue, that would be great!

20210612_111806.jpg 20210612_111749.jpg


Older Brunswick Cue Model ID and Value

Replies & Comments

  1. Kgourleybilliardsforum on 6/15/2021 5:31:21 PM

    Can you show is clear photos of the joint pin and shaft insert?

    At first glance, it's characteristics point toward one of the the Taiwan-made Brunswick cue lines we see from time to time.

    Here is a similar cue from one of the Taiwan-made Brunswick cue lines:

    taiwan-made-brunswick-cue-2.jpg taiwan-made-brunswick-cue-1.jpg

  2. KgourleyKgourley on 8/15/2021 6:38:55 AM

    Here are some pictures of the joint and shaft insert.

    I hope this helps to identify and possibly put a value on the cue stick.




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Older Brunswick Cue Model ID and Value

  • Title: Older Brunswick Cue Model ID and Value
  • Author: (Kevin Gourley)
  • Published: 6/13/2021 5:31:40 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/15/2021 5:57:45 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)