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Identify Old Pool Cue with "BW" Logo

Identify Old Pool Cue with "BW" Logo

I can not identify this old pool cue with a BW logo.

Any help would be appreciated.

IMG_20211215_171722.jpg IMG_20211215_171826.jpg

IMG_20211215_171741.jpg IMG_20211215_171748.jpg


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Identify Old Pool Cue with "BW" Logo

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  1. user1639617755billiardsforum on 12/18/2021 2:46:39 PM

    They are an economy line of cues made for online billiard retailer Billiard Warehouse based out of New London, NC.

    The "BW" stands for Billiard Warehouse.


    Yours appears to be a Billiard Warehouse BW Jump Break cue, which originally came with two shafts, a jump shaft and a break shaft. It retailed for $149 USD and was sold from between 2006 to 2008, roughly.

    They've had them made by various pool cue manufacturers over the years. I can't remember which company made this model of cues for Billiard Warehouse, but Greg, the owner can probably tell you if you reached out.

    From their website, circa Nov 2006:

    BW- Purple HeartJump Break Pool Cue with 2 shafts (Break Shaft & Jump Shaft)

    BW Jump Break Pool Cue - $149

    We are extremely excited about our new BW Jump Break Cue! The forearm is Purple Heart. The handle and four points are ebony. There is a jump/break conversion quick release joint at base of the points that is ideal for jumping. The joint is wood to wood with a quick release pin.

    This cue features two shafts!


    The break shaft features a phenolic ferrule with a 14 mm phenolic tip with extremely stiff taper. This cue simply smashes the balls! You simply will not believe the increase in power on your break shot! The jump shaft has a short melamine ferrule with a 14 mm jump tip. Although the break shaft does a very good job jumping, the jump shaft does an even better job. Jumping is effortless and accurate! Pocketing the object ball on the jump shot becomes easier than you ever though possible.

    This is the first cue we have seen on the market that comes with two shafts specifically built for jumping and breaking, and the quick release joint makes it easy to switch from one shaft to the other. This is simply the best performing Jump Break Cue we have found anywhere near the price. This jump break cue performs far better than many jump break cues at three times the price! Most jump break cues are simply standard cues with an extra joint installed. The BW jump break cue is specifically built for maximum power and control on the break AND effortless, accurate jumps!


  2. user1639617755user1639617755 on 12/18/2021 2:57:08 PM

    Outstanding! Thank you very much for the cue identification!

    Now I can price that BW cue and my McDermott G222 cue for selling!

  3. user1639617755user1654007154 on 5/31/2022 7:25:55 AM

    Were you able to identify the joint thread used on the BW break jump cue?


  4. user1639617755billiardsforum on 6/2/2022 6:29:11 AM

    I believe it is a "Turbo Lock" joint pin (a proprietary joint pin type which, I've heard, is not commercially available for purchase).


    It was a proprietary joint used in Players cues.

    Similar to the Action Quick Release joint pins and the J&J jump-break pins (also proprietary as I understand).

    Matthew Bargerstock, owner of DFE Billiards and an experienced cue maker talked about it in one of his Youtube videos. he explains that he can't buy them for repairs or conversions, and usually has to tear apart an existing cue or shaft if he needs one.

    BUT - to be 100% sure, you should reach out to Greg at Billiard Warehouse and ask who produced those cues for them and what the specific specs on the joint pin are. He didn't list it on his product page when they were being sold online.

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Identify Old Pool Cue with "BW" Logo

  • Title: Identify Old Pool Cue with "BW" Logo
  • Author: (Sean Anderson)
  • Published: 12/15/2021 5:22:35 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/18/2021 2:30:11 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)