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can anyone identify these two cues? replace shaft

can anyone identify these two cues? replace shaft

Anyone know anything about these cues? I'm new to billiards and I don't know anything about them. They were left in the house we just bought.

Both are two-piece sticks.

The first one is a McDermott. The wrap is some sort of leather. I've been told it may be a GS13 with a custom wrap. The shaft is warped, and I would like to replace it. I visited my local Billiards shop and they were no help. I've emailed McDermott, but haven't received a response yet. I don't know what kind of shaft to order to make sure I get the right size/joint/etc.

The second is a Dufferin. I'm guessing it is cheaper, but would like to know if it's a $30 or $75 or $100 cue.

Appreciate any feedback.

can anyone identify these two cues? replace shaft

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  1. TNRebZeke on 9/17/2012 9:21:51 AM

    I suggest you take some measurements. The diameter of the threads, the pitch, and the nature of the joint and see what matches up at a nearby place that sells tables and cues.

    Find a shaft that matches the joint configuration and order a replacement that is seamless.

    Then too, does the shaft of the McDermott fit on the Dufferin - and vice versa?

    A vernier caliper or micrometer would help immensely.

  2. TNRebMitch Alsup on 9/17/2012 11:58:28 AM

    The first thing to do is to determine the joint. There are about 8 kinds of joints in use and most upper end shafts can be bought in any of the joints. Lower end shafts are generally available in a 'few' joints (like 3).

    The Mcdermit cue will be easy to fit a new shaft. Try J&J billiards or Seyberts.

    The other shaft will need to use a thread guage to determine the diameter and thread count on the pin.

    New shafts for an old cue may be a few thousandths too big or too small at the joint. A competent cue repair person can address this at nominal cost, or you can just ignore the issue.

  3. TNRebguest on 1/23/2014 11:49:59 AM

    The Mcdermott shaft can be replaced at McDermott ...800-666-2283. You have to send the whole Cue to thme so they can "fit" the shaft joint to the butt diameter. You also have to pay freight (UPS) both ways. If you have no receipt, the lifetime warranty (2004 and later) does not apply and so you will have to buy the shaft as well. about $90 for standard maple , about $150 for G-Core and over 200 for I Core (the latest). I sent them My Q for warranty repair on Jan 2nd and upgraded to G-Core shaft (warpage .... small amount) on standard shaft. This was a 2004 Cue. It cost me about $115 to upgrade to G-Core, and took them this long to "fit" the shaft ... I guess they have a long Queue of Cues to be fixed. They said it was supposed to ship this afternoon. Finally.

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can anyone identify these two cues? replace shaft

  • Title: can anyone identify these two cues? replace shaft
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/15/2012 7:56:24 PM