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Identify Huebler "Custom Shop" Pool Cue

Identify Huebler "Custom Shop" Pool Cue

Can anyone ID this Huebler Custom Shop pool cue?

Under the bumper on the end of the butt cap is the following:

Custom Shop
September 1987

Here are some photos:



Identify Huebler "Custom Shop" Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. user1620640065billiardsforum on 6/27/2023 7:08:59 PM

    It is a Huebler "Custom Ivory Rectangle" cue from the late-1980s "Custom Shop Cues" brochure.

    From the brochure:

    Huebler Custom Ivory Rectangle Pool Cue

    • FRONT: Solid ebony with red-black-red trim rings at joint. Six rectangles of ivory encased in red veneers and connected by red-black-red veneers adorn this cue.
    • WRAP: White with black spot linen.
    • SLEEVE: Ebony with eight ebony windows encased by red-black-red veneers. Each pair is split by another ivory rectangle.


  2. user1620640065user1569967200 on 2/22/2024 12:53:28 AM

    Would you be interested in selling the Huebler Custom Shop cue?

  3. user1620640065user1620640065 on 3/29/2024 6:18:00 AM

    It would depending on the offer.

    It has two original shafts and is in very good condition.

  4. user1620640065user1569967200 on 4/2/2024 2:25:29 PM

    I am interested but will need to see more pictures in order to figure out an offer.

    Can you send pictures to:


    The more pictures, the better I can pinpoint a number.

    Also, where is the cue currently located?

    Thank you.

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Identify Huebler "Custom Shop" Pool Cue

  • Title: Identify Huebler "Custom Shop" Pool Cue
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  • Published: 6/22/2023 11:11:19 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/27/2023 6:58:35 PM
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