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Value of a Meucci Larry Hubbart Cue

Value of a Meucci Larry Hubbart Cue

Can someone help me put a value on a Meucci Larry Hubbart pool cue?


Value of a Meucci Larry Hubbart Cue

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  1. user1558354915billiardsforum on 5/22/2019 4:12:36 PM

    This is a Meucci Originals Larry Hubbart LH-4 from the 2nd edition of Meucci Larry Hubbart cues which came out in 1984. These are awkward to discuss because there were a few editions where the numbers were different and/or mixed up in the brochures. So when you google LH-4, you are going see a few different models.

    Regardless, the Meucci Larry Hubbart cues are fairly well sought-after cues.

    Values in the $350 to $500 for one in mint condition.

    Best place to sell is on the Meucci Collector's facebook group or on eBay. Start high.

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Value of a Meucci Larry Hubbart Cue

  • Title: Value of a Meucci Larry Hubbart Cue
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  • Published: 5/20/2019 12:21:55 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/22/2019 4:00:40 PM
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