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Value a Brass Pin Meucci Originals MO-1 Cue

Value a Brass Pin Meucci Originals MO-1 Cue

I'm looking to sell the following cue and have no idea what it might be worth.

It seems to have a brass pin so based on my friend Google, I'm thinking it is Meucci Originals MO-1 from the 1970's.


Does anyone know how much a brass-pinned Meucci MO-1 cue is worth?

Any help is appreciated.




Value a Brass Pin Meucci Originals MO-1 Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. user1650047406billiardsforum on 5/5/2022 2:14:51 PM

    It seems to be in very nice condition overall. It has the original "pill-style" bumper, and as you noted, a brass pin.

    In general, and assuming the shaft is straight and original to the cue, then I would value your MO-1 Meucci Originals cue at between $200 and $300, depending on the market at any given time.

    The older brass-pinned versions are generally highly sought-after, and there is usually a pretty good sized market of collectors looking for these, so likely toward the higher end assuming there's no glaring condition issues. You may even clear more than that depending on who is looking.

    See also:

  2. user1650047406user1650047406 on 5/5/2022 2:18:12 PM

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help value the Meucci MO-1 cue.

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Value a Brass Pin Meucci Originals MO-1 Cue

  • Title: Value a Brass Pin Meucci Originals MO-1 Cue
  • Author: (Gena Niblack)
  • Published: 4/15/2022 11:30:07 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/5/2022 2:05:01 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)