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Identifying a 4-Piece Pool Cue

Identifying a 4-Piece Pool Cue

I got this 4-piece cue in a storage locker I found and I am trying to get some kind of identification and value for it.

The cue appears to be inlaid with ivory.

Does anyone know what brand the cue is and how much it is worth?

B35D273D-D8CE-4520-B158-F76E264D8136.jpeg 445B0C42-DE53-42C9-A367-B79D79F36B72.jpeg


Identifying a 4-Piece Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. user1601859597billiardsforum on 10/5/2020 2:24:48 AM

    This appears to be an inexpensive import pool cue.

    There is no Ivory in this cue. These cues had a low build quality and have no collector value.

    As such, it isn't worth anything beyond it's utility value, which would be somewhere in the $15 - $25 range.

  2. user1601859597Type79 on 10/5/2020 9:09:29 AM

    Those are inexpensive cues. The white is almost certainly plastic.Even if for some unlikely reason it is ivory it wouldn't increase the value which I would guess to be $25. to someone who wants it.

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Identifying a 4-Piece Pool Cue

  • Title: Identifying a 4-Piece Pool Cue
  • Author: (Thomas Riley)
  • Published: 10/4/2020 5:59:58 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/5/2020 10:28:17 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)