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How old is this Meucci Pool Cue?

How old is this Meucci Pool Cue?

I'm wondering if you can tell me the age of this Meucci pool cue?

I am also looking to know how much it is worth or what it's present value might be.

20191220_205653.jpg 20191220_210040.jpg

How old is this Meucci Pool Cue?

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  1. user1576914509billiardsforum on 1/21/2020 7:23:09 AM

    This is a Meucci 97-27 cue, from the Meucci '97 series.


    The line debuted in 1997, and it was still available to purchase at retailers up through ~2013 give or take. It was still for sale on the Budget Billiards website as late as March 16, 2013. After that it was listed as "Discontinued".

    It's latest MSRP (or "list" price) was $890, but the cue was commonly found at online retailers with an actual retail price around $712.

    Current value would be around half of that... depending on the condition of the cue, the number and type of matching shafts it has, and other market factors.

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How old is this Meucci Pool Cue?

  • Title: How old is this Meucci Pool Cue?
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  • Published: 12/20/2019 11:48:31 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/21/2020 6:52:04 AM
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