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Bixur Cues

Bixur Cues

I wonder if I can find some information about a cue brand named BiXur cues.

I found some information in a German forum, and they had even a brochure from the 1980s, shown below.

I own two BiXur cues. The Bixur BX-1 cue and Bixur BX-6 cue, and my concern is that the two are as different as the sun and moon. One is very well crafted, straight as an arrow even after 40 years. It has a fine nylon wrap and has some hidden symbols like an infinity symbol carved both on shaft and butt screw zone and a weight bolt with a screwed hole (like the actual ones cues with the possibility to add an extension). The other cue has a nylon wrap covered like a Mosconi cue style, no infinity symbols, and a different weight bolt.

I know that BiXur was a European-manufactured division of Adam cues.

I wonder if anyone know something more?

l assumed that the one that is well manufactured and with all that details was made in Japan and the other was perhaps a newer version made in China after Adam moved his factory there? I even sent emails to Adam Japan but no one bothered to give me an answer.

Any information will be well received. Thanks in advance for any help!




Bixur Cues

Replies & Comments

  1. arnydorianmbilliardsforum on 1/26/2021 3:58:07 AM

    You know everything I know about them.

    I'd love to see detailed pictures of your two Bixur cues.

    I continue to keep a look out, and will post anything I find here. Hopefully you'll do the same if you come across any further info.

  2. arnydorianmarnydorianm on 1/26/2021 10:01:14 PM

    Thanks for this site. It is very hard to find information about old cues on internet. It is not about the value for me, but it is amazing when you find a cue still straight after decades. Old school seems to be better than today's technologies, in a way. I will follow the forum and if I can help I will gladly do that.

    Here are a few pictures of my BiXur BX-1 cue.

    This is how a 40 year old cue looks today. It has some dings, and on the lower part of the butt near the bumper the finish is gone, but otherwise it is straight as an arrow. It is very well balanced and has one of the most enjoyable strokes. I prefer it to any of my other cues and shafts (e.g. a McDermott cue with I3 or Mezz WX900 and Predator 314-2 attached to my BiXur butt). These shafts give me more spin but no feeling. You must take a few shots with it to understand what I say.



    20210124_110107.jpg 20210124_110046.jpg


    I'll post my Bixur BX-6 cue on another thread later because that cue is not finished yet. It's finish was in a pretty bad shape so I made the decision to put some work into it. I sanded it, removed its wrap, then I put a new finish on it. Now I must re-wrap it. I did it all by hand because I don't have a lathe. It will take some time because this must be done in my free time and that is what I missing.

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Bixur Cues

  • Title: Bixur Cues
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  • Published: 1/23/2021 10:50:52 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/26/2021 3:51:23 AM
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