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Pool Cue with Letters "RQ"

Pool Cue with Letters "RQ"

Can anyone ID this pool cue with letters "RQ" on the butt?

I am not sure of the brand markings. It's like a "JRQ" or "RQ" or something.


Pool Cue with Letters "RQ"

Replies & Comments

  1. user1580138803billiardsforum on 1/27/2020 1:37:34 PM

    That logo looks to be hand-written on with a Sharpie.

    Can we see the whole cue?

  2. user1580138803user1580138803 on 1/28/2020 7:50:39 AM

    The letters on the cue aren't written in a Sharpie.

    Here is the rest of the cue as requested.


  3. user1580138803user1611715923 on 1/26/2021 6:52:04 PM

    Ever find out the maker?

    I've seen one that I can get, but I don't know the cue maker either.

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Pool Cue with Letters "RQ"

  • Title: Pool Cue with Letters "RQ"
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/27/2020 7:26:51 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/27/2020 1:46:39 PM
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