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ID Black Meucci Originals Cue

ID Black Meucci Originals Cue

Any help identifying this black Meucci Originals cue?

I can't find any information on it. It has Minnesota Fats name written on it.

Any clues would be appreciated.



ID Black Meucci Originals Cue

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  1. user1562545696billiardsforum on 7/8/2019 3:28:25 AM

    It looks to be a Meucci Originals MO-4 cue, assuming it's got 4 points in the forearm.

    The cue would date to sometime in the 1970s (if it has a brass joint pin) or early 1980s (if it has a stainless steel joint pin).

    The bumper may not be the original bumper. It's the newer-style Meucci bumper. The original pill-style bumpers often cracked/broke and they'd be replaced with the style of bumper on your cue.

    As far as the signature goes, I don't know anything more about that, other than it does seem to match Minnesota Fats' hand-writing and the way he signed his name.


  2. user1562545696user1562545696 on 7/8/2019 11:56:54 AM

    I checked out the MO-4 cue again. It has 2 points.

  3. user1562545696billiardsforum on 7/9/2019 3:08:30 AM

    My mistake. The Meucci MO4 cue does indeed have 2 points.

    Here's one that sold on eBay within the past year, for $285 with two shafts:

    Meucci Original MO-4 Pool Cue

    • Ended: Aug 05, 2018 , 9:08PM
    • Winning Bid: $285

    This is a very old Meucci cue that I intended on restoring but priorities have to come first 1 shaft has a small taper roll and the other shaft is a wobbler Cue has the standard Meucci 5/16x18 joint pin Nice railroad style joint work and has an Irish Linen wrap (covered) Cue is very playable and has an awesome feel Excellent veneer pattern on this cue Natural Green Purple Very cool pattern Love this cue and had big plans for it but as before said priorities first Happy bidding and good luck I reserve the right to end the listing at any time as the cue is for sale locally Lower 48's for shipping only


    rty.jpg fgmiu.jpg tjuy.jpg

    meucci-mo4-cue.jpg original-meucci-mo-4-pool-cue.jpg

    Source: ebay.com/itm/Meucci-Original-MO-4-Pool-Cue-/263846318166

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ID Black Meucci Originals Cue

  • Title: ID Black Meucci Originals Cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/7/2019 5:28:17 PM
  • Last Updated: 7/8/2019 3:15:38 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)