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ID Pool Cue with Logo of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

ID Pool Cue with Logo of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Can anyone help me to identify a pool cue with a logo of what looks like Puff the Magic Dragon?

I used to work in the Bronx as a teenager for my dads friend at a pool hall called Break Shot Billiards. It was a lot of fun, and I used to run the 9-ball tournaments. I learned a lot and was exposed to the nicer side of the sport. My dad was successful at keeping me protected from the seedy side of that neighborhood, but he had no problem running the table when he played me, showing me why I should never gamble. He got in a lot of trouble as a kid for this. Opted to join the navy instead of jail.

I couldn’t afford the really nice Meucci cues that they had for sale, but I wound up saving up a bit to buy a used cue from the owner.

My dad passed away from COVID around Christmas time of 2020, and I went thru some old keepsakes on his birthday a few days ago. I remembered I saved the pool cue, and 30 years later I took it out of the closet and laughed remembering the times we had there.

I was curious if anyone recognized this cue at all, especially the logo?

Thanks a bunch.




ID Pool Cue with Logo of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Replies & Comments

  1. UncleRachabilliardsforum on 5/10/2023 7:19:05 AM

    I don't recognize the brand logo on that pool cue. However, generically, the logo appears to be a drawing of "Puff the Magic Dragon".

    I've enlarged it from one of the photos you uploaded of the pool cue:


    Regardless of the brand, I am afraid that your pool cue appears to be an inexpensive import cue.

    See also: ID Pool Cue with Cartoon Dragon Logo

    It likely has more sentimental value than it has monetary value. It would generally be worth only it's utility value—somewhere between $10 and $50.

    Also—welcome to the community, and thanks for sharing that back-story. I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a good and caring father.

  2. UncleRachaUncleRacha on 5/11/2023 3:31:12 PM

    Thanks for the info and the kind words.

    I appreciate all the help.

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ID Pool Cue with Logo of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

  • Title: ID Pool Cue with Logo of "Puff the Magic Dragon"
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/9/2023 11:21:39 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/10/2023 7:10:18 AM
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