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Value of Dan Lynch Pool Cues

Value of Dan Lynch Pool Cues

I got these Dan Lynch cues in a trade and I want to know what they are worth.


Value of Dan Lynch Pool Cues

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  1. sergio8ballbilliardsforum on 2/3/2018 8:26:21 AM

    I could only find one other recent reference to Dan Lynch custom cue values.

    This 2017 Dan Lynch pool cue was for sale for $900 USD in November 2017, with two matching shafts. I don't think it sold.



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Value of Dan Lynch Pool Cues

  • Title: Value of Dan Lynch Pool Cues
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  • Published: 2/2/2018 9:16:35 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/3/2018 8:13:42 AM
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