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Help ID Pool Cue with a "Sampaio" Signature

Help ID Pool Cue with a "Sampaio" Signature

I need some help with identifying this pool cue.

Does this signature stamp say "Sampaio"?


Help ID Pool Cue with a "Sampaio" Signature

Replies & Comments

  1. justintime4477billiardsforum on 3/8/2023 6:35:38 AM

    Yes, this appears to be a Sampaio brand stamp.

    The font style, size, and color matches, etc. so yes, I would say it's a Sampaio cue.

  2. justintime4477justintime4477 on 3/8/2023 10:20:25 AM

    Thank you for the responses. Any value with this one?

  3. justintime4477billiardsforum on 3/11/2023 3:13:07 PM

    Yes, Sampaio pool cues are generally considered to be of high quality, and there is a small contingent of collectors.

    There are many different Sampaio cue models, and you've only shared photos of the logo.

    Condition is also a very important factor.

    We'll need clear and well-lit photos of the cue in order to attempt a model identification and to get a feel for it's condition before we can ballpark a value.

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Help ID Pool Cue with a "Sampaio" Signature

  • Title: Help ID Pool Cue with a "Sampaio" Signature
  • Author: (Justin Calvert)
  • Published: 3/6/2023 11:55:37 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/8/2023 6:27:24 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)