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BHQ Conversion Cues in the Works

BHQ Conversion Cues in the Works

Here are a couple of conversion cues I have in the works.

The top cue is a Dufferin. It looks like curly bubinga maybe. It seems to be the consensus from others that the top cue is purpleheart, though I can't say for sure if it is. It is different than any other purpleheart I've had. Maybe it is bubingaheart. Who knows.

The bottom is a really old Brunswick cue which is a unique looking two tone cue.

Both cues are in process of shooting finish

The top cue, which is made with purpleheart, is almost done. I just put a buckhorn ferrule on it. I may end up changing the blue tip pad to black.

BHQ Conversion Cues in the Works

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BHQ Conversion Cues in the Works

  • Title: BHQ Conversion Cues in the Works
  • Author: (Brent Hartman)
  • Published: 4/24/2007 7:41:49 AM