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Is this a Meucci MO-4 Cue, and How Much is it Worth?

Is this a Meucci MO-4 Cue, and How Much is it Worth?

I believe this is a Meucci Originals MO-4 cue.

I would appreciate a confirmation on the model, and would like to know it's value.

Thanks in advance.




Is this a Meucci MO-4 Cue, and How Much is it Worth?

Replies & Comments

  1. user1612663064billiardsforum on 2/7/2021 7:59:15 AM

    I believe you are correct with the Meucci MO4 identification, but can't be 100% sure from just those photos.

    Can we see a very clear, close-up photo of the join pin and shaft insert?

  2. user1612663064user1612663064 on 2/9/2021 8:16:50 AM







  3. user1612663064billiardsforum on 2/9/2021 4:27:20 PM

    I would be fairly confident that it's an MO-4, based on the brass joint pin.

    It doesn't guarantee it, but it's a good indicator.

  4. user1612663064user1612663064 on 2/9/2021 7:54:36 PM

    Any idea on the value of this MO4 cue?

    I plan on having it reconditioned unless that would hurt its value in some way.

    I'd also like to really dial in on the year range it would have been from.

    There's a lot of information out there and it's a little hard to follow so anything you have would help. Thank you for everything you provided so far.

  5. user1612663064billiardsforum on 2/10/2021 3:20:21 AM

    For Meucci cues, a lot of folks recommend Proficient Billiards for a restoration.

    On this particular cue model, a refinish won't hurt the value, but it's highly likely you won't recover the cost if you went to sell it. Of course that's a generalization. Your experience may vary.

    I can tell you that having the brass pin is a huge bonus, but it's missing the original "pill-style" bumper, which doesn't help.

  6. user1612663064user1612663064 on 2/18/2021 10:56:42 AM

    The pill style bumper is the more rounded version on the bottom differing from the newer style that is more flat and has a screw through the center because this one is definitely unlike any bumper I have seen

  7. user1612663064billiardsforum on 2/19/2021 3:46:18 AM

    Yes, it's not an original Meucci bumper for sure. It would have looked like this originally:


  8. user1612663064user1612663064 on 2/20/2021 3:47:55 AM

    Thank you for the picture. Now it's clear that mine is definitely not the original now that I see it.

    Thank you again for all your help.

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Is this a Meucci MO-4 Cue, and How Much is it Worth?

  • Title: Is this a Meucci MO-4 Cue, and How Much is it Worth?
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/6/2021 6:24:44 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/7/2021 11:32:05 AM
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