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Sneaky pete

Sneaky pete

I have a sneaky pete that I won from someone. It is a good cue, as if is nice and straight and made of good wood, and well balanced, etc,etc. I do not know the brand though, and I would like to know who made it. There are no markings on it except that there is an S stamped into it. Can anyone help me?

Sneaky pete

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  1. Robert A. Sewillbilliardsforum on 2/2/2007 9:55:58 PM


    Welcome to the Billiards Forum. First brand that came to mind was Schon. When I looked in to it though, it appears that they generally display the full company name.

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Sneaky pete

  • Title: Sneaky pete
  • Author: (Robert Sewill)
  • Published: 2/2/2007 8:26:18 PM