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ID a Cobra Cue and Value It

ID a Cobra Cue and Value It

I bought this Cobra cue about 15 years ago and was very pleased playing with it.

It is dark blue in color.

I saw online that it was a Cobra brand pool cue.

I'm assuming it's not worth much except sentimental value!


ID a Cobra Cue and Value It

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  1. user1611438363billiardsforum on 1/26/2021 4:56:26 AM

    You're correct, it is a low-end cue, likely from the 1990s.

    See also:

    Here they are shown in the manufacturer's catalog. Ignore the model numbers. Those are manufacturer model numbers and not "marketing model numbers".


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ID a Cobra Cue and Value It

  • Title: ID a Cobra Cue and Value It
  • Author: (D. Smith)
  • Published: 1/23/2021 1:46:04 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/26/2021 4:09:33 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)