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Ryan Velazquez
Occupation: Student
Miami, FL United States

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About Me

Hi I'm Ryan "punisher" Velazquez. I got the name from a school tournament. I keep calm while playing pool, because I have ADHD and it seems to be the only game I can truly think in. Anyways I was playing the tournament and whenever my opponent missed I made only like 2-3 balls. However if they gave me a ball in hand, I'd run it. So the judges said wow Ryan is just punishing those people, and the name stuck. When I was 18 I was given a players cue and that's been my weapon of choice. It's not the most expensive but it's mine.

Hobbies: Pool, working out, and anything that allows me to think calmly.

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My Gear

  • Playing Cue: Players Cue
  • Pool Table: Brunswick

My Vitals

  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Age: 33 years