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Find the Value of a Mali Pool Cue

Find the Value of a Mali Pool Cue

I'm trying to find out about the worth of this Mali pool cue. Any help would be appreciated in finding the value of this Mali cue.


Find the Value of a Mali Pool Cue

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  1. user1530051579billiardsforum on 6/26/2018 6:25:44 PM

    Going to have to show us the rest of the pool cue so we can positively identify it first. Once we know the Mali model number, we can value the cue from there.

    Just seeing just the butt of the pool cue, it could still be a number of models.

    • Mali 386-1 pool cue from the Mali 386 Series.
    • Mali M-1 pool cue from the (newer) Mali M-Series (which is a 3-piece jump/pogo cue)
    • Mali MB from the Mali "Traditional" Series

    Show some more photos including the forearm and joint.

    Is it a 3-piece cue? E.g. the bottom screws off so you have a shorter jump cue?

  2. user1530051579user1530051579 on 6/26/2018 6:29:55 PM

    Trying to get a good pic. Any help is appreciated. Just leaving local billiard guy and he doesn't know much about them. How do I find the model number?

    15300520207243720722099650101843.jpg 15300521028207059756342561856261.jpg 15300524944492522173205453180484.jpg

  3. user1530051579billiardsforum on 6/26/2018 6:48:22 PM

    See if it unscrews right where the wrap ends on the way up the forearm.

    It looks identical to the Mali M-1 pool cue and I especially think it's this one because your wrap seems to end half way up to where it would normally end.

    They would have been sold in stores circa 1999, 2000, 2001-ish. MSRP on the Mali M1 cue was $190 in 2001, but you could get it brand new online everywhere for $130. Probably worth between $100 and $200 today.

    The Mali M Series, model M-1 pool cue

    This Jump/Break cue has a 2 piece butt to allow the cue to perform double duty. The butt has a distinctive charcoal stain over Canadian rock maple, and it is finished with black/white specked Irish Linen wrap. It comes standard with a stainless steel joint accented with jet-black linen base fibre rings, and a 3/8" diameter stainless sted joint screw fitted to a wood-threaded shaft. You'll be breaking like Hercules, and jumping with great accuracy when you own this model.


  4. user1530051579brandontoot77 on 9/9/2020 7:46:58 PM

    Does anyone know any info about my Mali cue?

    Here's a photo of the bottom of half the Mali pool cue I have. It is in awesome shape.

    I don't know anything about it at all. I just know it's a very beautiful stick and it seems like it is well balanced.


  5. user1530051579user1612694415 on 2/7/2021 2:40:17 AM

    I'm trying to identify an old gold-label Mali cue that I must have gotten back in the mid 1980s. If anyone knows what it is, please leave an answer on my question.

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Find the Value of a Mali Pool Cue

  • Title: Find the Value of a Mali Pool Cue
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  • Published: 6/26/2018 6:19:39 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/26/2018 6:24:42 PM
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