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Identify Old Pool Cue Stamped 194

Identify Old Pool Cue Stamped 194

I am trying to identify this pool cue stamped 194.

This cue belongs to my father in law. He bought it off someone at the bar one night. Can anyone help identify it? It has some numbers stamped on it but that’s it.



Identify Old Pool Cue Stamped 194

Replies & Comments

  1. kingbethanyMark Bellamy on 12/20/2017 6:44:43 PM

    How much do you want for this pool cue?

    I pay via PayPal or with cash.

  2. kingbethanykingbethany on 12/20/2017 8:30:10 PM

    I’m not looking to sell it. I just want to know more about it.

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Identify Old Pool Cue Stamped 194

  • Title: Identify Old Pool Cue Stamped 194
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/6/2017 6:00:26 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/6/2017 8:10:18 PM
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