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Identify Palmer Cue from 1999

Identify Palmer Cue from 1999

I guess this is not a "real" Palmer cue.

Can you tell me anything about it?

I think I bought it around 1999 from a pool hall.

Can anyone identify this Palmer cue?



Identify Palmer Cue from 1999

Replies & Comments

  1. user1554217105billiardsforum on 4/2/2019 3:09:27 PM

    1999 is pretty much bang-on. Maybe a year or two later.

    It is a Palmer BQ-666 cue. Here it is from their flyer:


  2. user1554217105user1554217105 on 4/2/2019 9:54:48 PM

    Thank you, that is friggin' awesome. Thanks for the quick response too.

    I'm really not surprised it's the number of the beast. 666!

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Identify Palmer Cue from 1999

  • Title: Identify Palmer Cue from 1999
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/2/2019 7:58:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 4/2/2019 3:02:31 PM
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