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Viking, Players Pool Cue Joint Question

Viking, Players Pool Cue Joint Question


I have a quick question about the joint types listed above.

I really want to get myself a predator shaft, but right now all I have is a cheap Players cue I bought at a pawn shop. It has a 5/16x18 joint, and I know the standard Viking QR joint is also 5/16x18 threaded. Would the two joints be compatible?

Basically...if I bought a predator with a 5/16x18 joint for my players cue would I later be able to use it for a Viking cue if I picked one up I liked in the future?

Viking, Players Pool Cue Joint Question

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  1. sword44quickshot on 6/17/2010 9:01:02 PM

    The player cue you have will NOT fit the Viking QR even though it has the same joint settings. I found this out from experience. 5/16 X18 is a standard size for many cues, but when you get into the quick release it is machined a little different. Buy your predator and use it with the Player cue. It should work out fine. In the future just be sure you are buying standard joints and not the new, so called hi-tech stuff.

    You may find that the predator and the Player you have are a good match. I play with an OB 1 shaft ($175) and a $29.00 cue. It works just fine thank you. The shooter makes the game....not the stick.

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Viking, Players Pool Cue Joint Question

  • Title: Viking, Players Pool Cue Joint Question
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/17/2010 2:48:27 PM