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Legacy Pool Cue ID

Legacy Pool Cue ID

I am trying to identify a Legacy pool cue model.

Does anyone have any information on this Legacy cue model?




Legacy Pool Cue ID

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  1. Geme007billiardsforum on 5/27/2021 4:05:42 AM

    I can't find any marketing materials for this brand at all, so I can't identify the model.

    At first I thought they were from Legacy Billiards (the pool table brand). Upon further research, I found that the brand (and the cues themselves) may have been created by either Bob Meucci's cousin or ex-son-in-law. I've read both, but neither posts backed up their claim with a reference. They, whoever it was, later sold the brand to AMF, which is why you see some "Legacy" brand cues with the "AMF" logo above the "Legacy" logo.

    They're not related to Meucci Cues (of Byhalia, MS) in any way other than potentially the above.

    The build quality isn't great on these cues, and they're often seen with bad warping, etc. They're nothing special, and the one pictured is likely worth somewhere in the ballpark of $50 or less.

    There's one on eBay for $80, which probably won't sell at that price:


    Then there's this one on eBay, listed for $1000 (and has been posted about 6 times at that price, hasn't sold, and never will sell at that price).


  2. Geme007user1670912492 on 12/12/2022 10:21:32 PM

    This Legacy pool cue stick is great.

    I had one around 1995 and I too heard it was related to Meucci somehow.

    Sadly I sold mine for $120, but I did enjoy reading your post. Thank you.

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Legacy Pool Cue ID

  • Title: Legacy Pool Cue ID
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  • Published: 5/15/2021 10:04:37 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/27/2021 3:52:05 AM
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