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Looking for Info on cue with Stamp "JQ"

Looking for Info on cue with Stamp "JQ"

I am looking for information on this McWorter cue. At least, I think it’s one of Jerry’s.

Does anyone know the history of this cue and its approximate value?

Shaft has a "JQ" stamp.

image.jpg image.jpg

image.jpg image.jpg


Looking for Info on cue with Stamp "JQ"

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  1. optimusprimeribbilliardsforum on 1/2/2020 4:53:24 PM

    I am not sure that it's one of his cues.

    One post on another site said:

    ...they were made by John Koernke from Englewood, Florida. I believe he passed around 2008. He managed the pool hall and made a few cues. Not sure how many are out there. I've seen three or four.

    I believe this information, as the few I've see have been in Florida.

    I found others with that same "JQ" stamped on the cue, and they were being sold as "JQ Cues". Yours is the nicest JQ Cue I've seen yet.

    JQ cue offered for sale from J.W.

    He is asking $800 USD or best offer (in 2010).





    And then there were two more on another Q&A website:

    • The first:


    • The second:




  2. optimusprimeriboptimusprimerib on 1/3/2020 8:16:10 AM

    Thanks once again for the excellent response.

  3. optimusprimeribRon Hergenroder on 4/24/2020 3:44:06 PM

    Yes, that is a John Koernke cue. I know because I designed a lot of them. I met John when he first started making cues and I liked his work so I commissioned a few of cues that I wanted. They were good. I asked if he would make some that I had drawn and he said yes.

    I would venture to say that any of his cues are worth at least $300. The more inlays and points they have, the more they are worth.

    I have about a hundred or more of them. I believe John would have been really famous if he had continued as he was when I knew him. I really like his cues.

  4. optimusprimeribBillthecrush on 7/31/2020 4:42:11 AM

    I ordered a 62” long 6 pointer JQ pool cue with deer antler ferrule.

    He put in a huge joint pin, possibly the weight bolt.

    I sold it in Connecticut about 10 years ago and I have been looking for it ever since. Man I miss that cue.

    John was a great guy also.

  5. optimusprimeribuser1644599477 on 2/11/2022 9:11:18 AM

    I played pool in Dayton, Ohio in the late 1980s. There was a guy there that had a JQ pool cue. He went by two nick names—Bird or Rooster.

    I have a very keen memory. He may of wintered in Florida, as he was quite an entrepreneur, and I remember being told by someone that he never worked a day in his life.

    It was a very nice cue, and was the only JQ cue I've ever seen. It had a solid white butt, and that is where the "JQ" was stamped.

  6. optimusprimeribtgilford69 on 6/29/2022 4:54:24 PM

    I know this pool cue very well. I've been trying to relocate it for several years.

    John made it for me after I met him at a place in Sarasota Florida called Gallery Billiards. It is my all time favorite cue and I wish I would have never sold it.

    If you would like to part with it, please let me know. I would love to buy it back.

  7. optimusprimeribuser1686498043 on 6/11/2023 11:40:44 AM

    I too would love to relocate my JQ pool cue.

    It had seven points of all different lengths and of different wood types, a very large pin-into-wood joint, and an ebony ferrule. I had the ferrule changed due to it cracking.

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Looking for Info on cue with Stamp "JQ"

  • Title: Looking for Info on cue with Stamp "JQ"
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  • Published: 1/2/2020 1:27:13 PM
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