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5 Piece Cane, Concealed Pool Cue, Carved Dragon

5 Piece Cane, Concealed Pool Cue, Carved Dragon

My dad has what I think is a Willie Hoppe five piece pool cue which comes apart and becomes a beautiful cane. It is basically a walking cane with a concealed pool cue.

The Willie Hoppe part is only known to me because one of my friends, when he saw it, got all flustered and excited and exclaimed:

...this is a "7 piece William Hoppe" pool cue.

So today I started my search for answers.

I was informed that it is a rare piece. It has a brass weight at the end that comes apart and holds a cube of pool cue chalk. This is connected to the main piece which is hollowed out to hold the front part of the cue stick.

It screws together with a brass connector and the tip is a replaceable tip.

The stick has a Dragon pattern burned into it spiraling around the stick with either a star of david above it at the top or a flower as well as one at the bottom semi-behind the dragon pattern.

It is a beautiful pool cue stick / cane combo and I was wondering if this is authentic as my friend claims it is?

How can I authenticate it and learn what would be the estimated value of this pool cue?

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