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Identify a Meucci Gambler Cue

Identify a Meucci Gambler Cue

I am trying to find out what I can about a Meucci gambler cue I picked up.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks



Identify a Meucci Gambler Cue

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  1. Rubiconbilliardsforum on 3/20/2023 9:23:08 AM

    It is a re-make of the Meucci MO-10 "gambler" cue done for Mueller's Sporting Goods. It was available up to around 2005, and was sold as a combo with the pool cue and Meucci-branded Porper cue case.

    Meuller's sku was "MP50" but that's Mueller's-specific. They didn't list any specific model on the marketing materials. They referred to the cue as the "Collector's Edition MO-10 cue from Meucci" (that's directly from the heading on their website sales page for the cue). The 4-paragraph description on Mueller's website referred to the cue as the "MO-10", at least 4 times.

    In 2004, the site listed the "retail" as $625, and the actual selling price for the combo was $375 USD (march 2004)

    Meucci MO-10 Remake (Muellers)

    MP50 - Meucci Cue and Joe Porper Cue Case Combo Announcing the Collector's Edition MO-10 cue from Meucci. Now available with a classic Joe Porper cue case as a cue and case combo at the unbelievable price of only $375.00!


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Identify a Meucci Gambler Cue

  • Title: Identify a Meucci Gambler Cue
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  • Published: 3/18/2023 11:49:39 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/20/2023 8:59:06 AM
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