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I Paid A Lot for This Cue so Was I Ripped Off?

I Paid A Lot for This Cue so Was I Ripped Off?

Well the story is, I got what I believe to be a deal for an 8' Valley bar style pool table. In the process of that deal I was convinced to buy a cue blindly without any research. It was silly I know, but heat of the moment.

I never thought at the time to ensure the cue was not a no-name cue, at least so I could research it to see if I actually got a deal on it, or got completely ripped off.

He mentioned that it was a completely "one of a kind" Palmer cue, but I see now that Palmer Cues didn't make any "one of the kind" cues and that Palmer cues would at least have some sort of marking.

Does anyone know what kind of cue this is, and what it might be worth?

I Paid A Lot for This Cue so Was I Ripped Off?

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  1. alwyslpyZeke on 10/1/2013 1:57:04 PM

    So what is the issue with the cue? You don't like the cue? It's not straight? You paid too much? You can't determine pedigree?

    The tip looks new. May we assume it is new?

    How did the 8' Valley pool table pan out? Since you didn't mention it, was the table and the stick a "package deal"?

    I've seen lots of cues with no pedigree that were awesome. I've seen a few Meucci cues made during those "iffy" years that were pure junk.

    Cue sticks are so subjectively defined, it's impossible to relate cost with quality.

    Given 90% of one's playing ability is between one's ears, the stick becomes almost irrelevant. How much is 10% of one's game worth? Rhetorically I ask, "Does a pretty stick with a bunch of ivory and gold inlays play better than a straight, very used "house stick"?

  2. alwyslpyalwyslpy on 10/2/2013 3:39:13 AM

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Mostly I want to know what brand and model number the cue is so I could determine what it was worth.

    I understand worth is subjective, and further understand its more so the player than the equipment in any sport, game, etc. I only wondered because I wanted to know if my trust in the person was misplaced or he truly "hooked me up" with a great deal. And in case I ever wanted to sell it, I would know more about it to pass on to the next owner.

    WELL it turns out the cue was made by a local cue maker. I stopped by his billiard hall and talked to him for a bit and he confirmed it was one of his. Before I told him that I paid $260 for it, and a jump stick, he told me that he would have sold it for $450 and at that price, there were plenty of buyers.

    So it appears that I got a deal and now I know the history of it. I'll definitely be keeping it though.

  3. alwyslpyFenwick on 10/31/2013 12:07:01 PM

    @alwyslpy , Sounds like you were hit with buyers regret until you found out you had spent your money wisely. It happens to the best of us.

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I Paid A Lot for This Cue so Was I Ripped Off?

  • Title: I Paid A Lot for This Cue so Was I Ripped Off?
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/1/2013 6:58:10 AM