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Buyer Beware - Jim Sforza Castle Cues on eBay

Buyer Beware - Jim Sforza Castle Cues on eBay

I recently purchased this "By Castle" cue (Wiener Stick) from Jim Sforza of Castle Cues on eBay.

You be the judge:




Buyer Beware - Jim Sforza Castle Cues on eBay

Replies & Comments

  1. calvin446Jim Sforza on 3/10/2021 11:02:20 AM

    This is the reply I gave this jerk on eBay:

    You know this is not my first rodeo, I had been building cues for more then 30 years, I know exactly what happened.

    You had buyers remorse, and you figured that if you said that the cue was not as described, eBay would give you your money back. So what you did was sand the shaft joint down so it would show a mismatch, and then you gripped the wrap with both hands and twisted back and forth, to stretch the leather so it would look like it was loose.

    Here is a lesson for you. If you had just messaged me indicating that you didn't like the cue, and not put in a false claim on eBay and calling the cue junk, I would have given you your money back or exchanged the cue, but you choose to commit a fraud, so live with it.

    As far as posting on Facebook or other sites, have at it. You are just going to make yourself look like the dickhead you are, because you will run into a lot of my customers that are happy with their cues. Besides that, I retired from making cues about 2 months ago, and am just selling off my inventory, which amounts to about 9 or 10 cues left, and I really don't care if I sell them or not, so you cant hurt me.

  2. calvin446calvin446 on 3/10/2021 11:22:47 AM

    Good luck Jimmy.

    I'll have 50 eBay accounts set up and will bid on every wiener stick you have left, and not pay! I will stop you from ripping other people off with your scam wood. Go build a necklace!

    I also filed a fraud claim against you!

    All you had to do was refund my money and show some integrity.

    What you pawned off on me for $385 was a disgrace. I've had $45 cues off eBay that where 10 times better constructed.

  3. calvin446billiardsforum on 3/10/2021 4:46:27 PM

    @calvin446 - I am not sure the photos you posted do anything to prove your case. They're blurry at best, and folks can't really use these as a reliable way to judge the condition of your cue.

    It's the first complaint I've seen like this and I've been around a long time too (but not as long as Jim).

    Overall, it sounds like a bad experience for all involved. I'm sorry to hear about the situation, and feel bad for both sides. It's a classic he-said—he-said scenario.

    Unfortunately, I'm unaware of any good way to solve this age-old problem.

    Pretty soon folks shipping cues will have to take video of them boxing up the cue and dropping it off to the shipping carrier. Even then, there are still multiple ways to screw someone over (or get screwed over) - on both sides.

    @Jim Sforza - Congrats on your retirement! Hope you are able to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Buyer Beware - Jim Sforza Castle Cues on eBay

  • Title: Buyer Beware - Jim Sforza Castle Cues on eBay
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/10/2021 10:13:42 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/10/2021 4:27:18 PM
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