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Christy's Order of 3 BHQ Custom Cues

Christy's Order of 3 BHQ Custom Cues

All three of these BHQ custom cues are going I know named Christy. I say little because she was only 15 when she, her brother, and her father started coming into the pool hall I was working at part-time after I was hurt on my real job as a plumber. They are a very nice family by the way.

Anyway, now shes all grown up, about to turn 21 and has a great job. The first cue is for her, and should be finished after xmas. The other two are for her little brother and her father for Christmas (providing Brent gets his ass off the computer and gets the cues finished in time).

Christy's new BHQ custom pool cue is made with a birdseye handle and a purpleheart buttsleeve and forearm accented with purpleheart and maple rings.

Her dad's cue is the first pointed cue I've done for a customer. The forearm was given to me by cuemaker Murray Tucker along with three more Prather fronts. The cue features a rosewood butt, birdseye handle into ebony and maple front accented with white phenolic and silver rings.

Her brother's custom BHQ cue is made with an olivewood handle into birdseye forearm. The butt sleeve is also birdseye capped with piece of olivewood. Notice how the grain in the buttcap matches the handle, and the grain in olivewood rings match the handle.

Update - I finally got Christy's BHQ custom cue done!

Now that Christy's cue is completed, I showed it off at the derby this weekend and got some very nice compliments. I am very pleased with this cue. It helps make up for the ones I haven't been so pleased with, and and there has been a few. My buddy, Dennis Dieckman had some nice praise for me on this cue in his own little way that he does. You know, ribbing me a little, saying "there's hope for me after all" and stuff like that. I was also talking with a cue dealer about refinish work on some of his cues. He asked to see an example of my work and I showed him this cue. He held it up to the light to look for ripples, and he didn't find any. I won't say who the maker of the two cues he compared mine to, but, that particular cue maker charges (and gets) 5 times the money that I charge for a cue. It's all in the name I guess.

And I took a few pics of Christy with her new BHQ custom pool cue at Michaels. I didn't use a flash because there was a tournament going on. She loves it (she says).

Christy's Order of 3 BHQ Custom Cues

Replies & Comments

  1. BHQdjkx1 on 12/8/2006 11:35:07 AM

    Thats some real nice work Brent!

  2. BHQBHQ on 12/8/2006 12:58:13 PM

    Thanks Darren. The purpleheart cue is the sweetest, but then again, I am a purpleheart freak like that @jeffduke guy!

  3. BHQChrisOnline on 12/9/2006 1:19:46 AM

    I think the one with the point looks amazing.

  4. BHQBHQ on 12/9/2006 8:02:25 AM

    Thanks Chris. Since this was my first pointed cue, I did have a little difficulty getting the points even.

    They still aren't perfect but they were close enough for this buyer. She doesn't care about that.

    It was a learning process, and I know where my mistake was. I have three more forearms that Murray gave me to use for practice.

  5. BHQA-Train on 12/9/2006 11:50:20 AM

    I have a bunch of ideas for custom cues. Maybe you could build one for me. My local custom cue maker has a 7 year waiting list.

  6. BHQBHQ on 12/9/2006 9:11:38 PM

    @A-Train, How does 7 months sound?

  7. BHQjeffduke on 1/5/2007 3:30:18 PM

    The custom cue with points looks AMAZING Brent!

    Tell us all what something like that would cost from you, and maybe you'll get more business that way buddy!

    Would you still like me to send you "purpleheart S/P cues" once I get my hands on a couple? You "purpleheart FREAK"?

  8. BHQBHQ on 1/18/2007 9:21:00 AM

    @jeffduke, Yes, let me know, then you can "send them over" or "bring them over" in person.

    As far as pricing goes, the fact that I am not totally happy with the way the points turned out, and that Christy is buying three cues at once, all played into the prices:

    • Christy's purpleheart cue - $250
    • Olivewood cue - $200 (brother's cue)
    • Pointed Cue - $200 (dad's cue)

    All three will have one shaft with Lepro tips.

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Christy's Order of 3 BHQ Custom Cues

  • Title: Christy's Order of 3 BHQ Custom Cues
  • Author: (Brent Hartman)
  • Published: 12/7/2006 6:51:39 PM