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Value of a McDermott Legends Elvis Pool Cue

Value of a McDermott Legends Elvis Pool Cue

What is the value of a McDermott Elvis pool cue from the McDermott Legends Series?

I have a Legend Series Elvis but in Red. I have not been able to see one anywhere else online in red.

I spoke to McDermott and they said they were featured in black but did have a red option.

I am just looking for a value for when I sell it.

IMG_0712-(1).jpg IMG_0713.jpg

Value of a McDermott Legends Elvis Pool Cue

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  1. coreytapp13billiardsforum on 2/14/2018 8:21:06 PM

    The Elvis McDermott LGD-1 pool cue retailed for $295 in 1993-1994.

    The 2005 Blue Book of Cues value was ~$385, in general the market for pool cue has been decimated since the 2008-09 financial crisis and has not fully recovered.

    The custom red paint/stain on yours does not add any significant value. Perhaps an extra $20-$40 over the standard black option, at best.

    These McDermott legends cues have no collector value, unless they are "new old stock" or "new in original packaging" e.g. never chalked. I do not believe yours qualifies for this but can't be sure based on the photos. I see it does have the original production sticker.

    You have probably seen the eBay listings for the standard black version - most overpriced and never sold/aren't selling:

    1. Item 232434886386 - $450. Not selling at that price.
    2. Item 273068500860 - $399. "New old stock" never used. Zero bids so far.

    There is also one on "letgo", has been online for 2 months, priced at $200 including the case, and isn't selling.

    Bottom line is that there just isn't much demand for these. There is a reason they only lasted one season (vs. the 3 or 4-plus seasons of a more popular cue series).

    The images are "transfers" - e.g. the designs are not "inlaid" but rather, are "transferred" on via a water decal, or other transfer process, and thus, don't command any collector value. Again, if yours is brand new old-stock e.g. never used, and we factor in the custom stain, then yes, you could command a bit more... perhaps $300 to $350 but even then, I feel that it would take a while to sell. The buyer at those prices would be an Elvis collector, not a cue collector, and I would guess you would be waiting for one of those to come along for a while.

    Again, your mileage may vary. Take this for what it is worth - generic knowledge with no expectation of correctness or suitability for any purpose or situation. Always do your own research.

  2. coreytapp13coreytapp13 on 2/15/2018 1:39:37 PM

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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Value of a McDermott Legends Elvis Pool Cue

  • Title: Value of a McDermott Legends Elvis Pool Cue
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  • Published: 2/8/2018 5:02:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/14/2018 7:56:15 PM
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