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BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue Prototype

BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue Prototype

Hi I have a question regarding this Black and Blue Diamond BMC pool cue.

I understand that there are only 10 made and signed. I have this pool cue but it has no signature on it. It came from Willy Compton who is a personal friend of Bob Meucci.

Could it be that I have the very first one e.g. the BMC Black and Blue diamond prototype which came from Bob Meucci's personal collection?

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BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue Prototype

Replies & Comments

  1. Skoonsbilliardsforum on 8/28/2017 10:20:48 PM

    Good question. I don't know Willy Compton, so I can't really reach out and ask. I assume you acquired it from Willy, so wouldn't he have specified those details?

    The odd time Meucci puts a serial number under the bumper, so you could check there to see if it has an "X of 10" number or something else.

    Can you upload a pic of the unsigned black and blue diamond BMC pool cue? Would like to have a quality photo to post here as proof one exists.

    Not much else I can tell you other than to reach out to Meucci directly, though their answers are vague at best, and that's if you get a reply at all.

    If you ever do get confirmation, please do let us know.

  2. SkoonsSkoons on 8/28/2017 11:56:38 PM

    I did call Meucci personally, and spoke with Daron.

    Daron said that is very very highly likely to be from Bob Meucci's personal collection. He said Bob never autographs his own cues and that Willy is a personal friend of Bob's. He told me hold on to the cue as it is one-of-a-kind. Especially with only 10 signed cues made, and with this one not being signed. Having no signature would indicate that it is the only one like it in existence.




  3. Skoonsbilliardsforum on 8/29/2017 6:35:23 AM

    Thanks for the amazing photos and back-story. I would love to post the cue as it's own unique entry here, since it's technically different from the 10 signed and numbered BMC Black and Blue Diamond cues.

    Hope you wouldn't mind filling in some of the details for us.

    • Did you own it directly after Willy or did someone else own it between you and Willy?
    • How did you come to acquire it?
    • How long have you owned it?
    • Would you mind what you paid for the cue (or at least ball-park it)?

    Thanks again for sharing the photos and the info you learned from Meucci.

  4. SkoonsSkoons on 8/29/2017 5:36:32 PM

    I have had the cue about a year now. I always buy my Meucci cues from Willy and he has become a personal friend. The cue was brand new in the wrapper.

    As for what I paid for it, I can not disclose that but it was a very very very good deal.

    Thank you for the reply and interest in my cue.

  5. SkoonsMark Bellamy on 9/1/2017 4:42:31 PM

    What would you sell it for?

  6. Skoonsuser1511255824 on 11/21/2017 4:17:05 AM

    I also have this same stick as @Skoons, and I also bought it from Willy.

  7. Skoonsuser1513049312 on 12/12/2017 3:28:32 AM

    BMC Black Diamond pool cue:


  8. Skoonsuser1561961133 on 6/30/2019 11:05:34 PM

    I now own the exact cue that @Skoons apparently got from Willy.

    What is a bit strange is that, while it has no signature on it, it is #7 of 10. This would, I think, support the notion that it came from Bob Meucci's personal collection and was, therefore, never signed.

    Another story I have heard, however, is that it was the prototype, which might explain why it was never signed, but would conflict with it being #7 of 10, I think. Do I have that wrong?

    I would be interested in a valuation of the cue, if one is possible.

  9. Skoonsbilliardsforum on 7/3/2019 2:07:42 PM

    From Bob's Personal collection just based on the fact that it isn't signed? No.

    All sorts of reasons can account for this. The most plausible two:

    • They forget to have Bob sign it (yes, it happens)
    • The person who originally ordered it from the factory asked that it not be signed (yes, they take requests like that)

    It's not weird, nor a big deal that one or more cues from a serialized production run doesn't have Bob's signature.

    As you can see from our information page on the BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue, we asked Meucci Cues about the production of this model, and they told us:

    [All 10] were made last year sometime and, yes, they were gone in 1 day.

    I would forget about #7 ever being Bob's personal cue.

    As for value - unless it is brand new and un-chalked, it is worth less than the original MSRP of $900. If it were brand new and un-chalked, it might be worth $900 if you found the right buyer.

  10. Skoonsuser1561961133 on 7/3/2019 3:59:12 PM

    I was comparing two stories that were told about this cue, the story about it being from Bob's personal collection was on this website, told by others.

    The only other story I could contrast it with was the one told to me, that it was a prototype.

    Your reasons beyond the two stories being told is not interesting or relevant.

    NO idea why you would react in such a combative way to a simple inquiry.

    If they sold out in one day, how does that support a price of less then MSRP?

    Calm yourself.

  11. Skoonsbilliardsforum on 7/3/2019 7:26:44 PM

    I didn't mean to come off in the way I did in the earlier post. I have so many posts to go through and respond to every day, sometimes I just quickly rattle off an answer and don't stop to consider the tone, etc. This site is a side-gig for me. A hobby more than anything else.

    Regarding value, my earlier answer was based on several things, but most significantly:

    1. It's a very recent/modern BMC model, and
    2. While it was only produced in limited numbers, it is also a very obscure BMC model.

    As such, demand isn't high for this particular model. For $900, give or take, someone could get a brand new BMC cue of similar complexity, etc., with warranty and all. In fact, there's a good chance that if you called Budget Billiards or Meucci Cues, and asked them to make you another one of these, they would (yes, I know, it's BS, but it's a Meucci thing).

    Also, some of the rarer Meucci Originals go for prices in this ballpark (and less), and would be more highly sought-after by some Meucci collectors than would a newer-model obscure BMC cue.

    If you find that you have interest in your cue at a price point of $900 or higher, then that's great. I usually encourage starting high anyway, if you can afford to hold on to the cue for a while, as a way of gauging interest.

    I don't have a magic 8-ball and I don't always get valuations right. But I do look at 100's of cue auctions and classifieds every single day, and probably many thousands every month, so I do have some idea of how things go.

    If you are able to fetch more than $900, that's fantastic, and I would love to know about it so I can factor it in to the valuation information on this site.

  12. Skoonsuser1561961133 on 7/3/2019 8:35:34 PM

    Thank you, I do think the fact that there are only 10 that were made should count something toward the value. You are right, it's not well known, and therefore may not ever be much in demand. And ultimately, only demand will set the value. I was told though that one of the 10 sold immediately for 1600. No idea if that is true, or how to confirm it. At the very least it should be the case that the cue has a value greater then its MSRP since it's one of only 10 made. No Idea what that value should be.

    I also have my ear to the ground, but surely less so then you do.

    Yes, I intend to hold onto it. I would count it a very shitty business practice if Meucci released a run of 10 and then went ahead and just made more on request, are they in the habit of doing that?

    I will let you know if I hear anything more.

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BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue Prototype

  • Title: BMC Black and Blue Diamond Pool Cue Prototype
  • Author: (Shawn Koons)
  • Published: 8/28/2017 12:38:57 AM
  • Last Updated: 7/2/2019 4:35:23 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)