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Verify the Value of a "-Rich-" Pool Cue

Verify the Value of a "-Rich-" Pool Cue

I recently got this vintage pool cue from a friend of my dad.

Can you please value this Rich cue please?

87996499_10220831186267682_311360621876609024_n.jpg 87458025_10220831185667667_8842240899615293440_n.jpg

Verify the Value of a "-Rich-" Pool Cue

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  1. user1563853255Type79 on 2/27/2020 4:14:41 AM

    These -RICH- cues in nice condition (straight, VG/EXC finish, no more than a couple of dings/dents) would probably sell for $75 - $100.

  2. user1563853255billiardsforum on 2/27/2020 4:31:12 AM

    @Type79 - You wouldn't happen to have a brochure or catalog page showing this particular line, would you?

  3. user1563853255Type79 on 2/27/2020 5:24:34 AM

    I do. Here is a quick upload. I have a copy of this brochure here somewhere and might have a better picture on another computer.


  4. user1563853255user1563853255 on 2/27/2020 7:51:48 AM

    Thanks so much for the answer, you have a great day.

  5. user1563853255billiardsforum on 2/27/2020 2:29:45 PM

    @Type79 - Thank you. I too have that image, but I don't see the cue in question in that lineup.

  6. user1563853255Type79 on 2/27/2020 2:37:59 PM

    I don't either. I've only seen pictures of a few of these -RICH- cues with the different font logo. Undoubtedly from this general timeframe. Maybe someday another sales catalog will surface.

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Verify the Value of a "-Rich-" Pool Cue

  • Title: Verify the Value of a "-Rich-" Pool Cue
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  • Published: 2/26/2020 11:12:47 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/27/2020 1:34:53 AM
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