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Carved Sampaio Cue Value and Date

Carved Sampaio Cue Value and Date

Can someone identify the year and value of this Carved Sampaio pool cue?


Carved Sampaio Cue Value and Date

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  1. Conibilliardsforum on 2/8/2023 8:03:31 AM

    This is a Sampaio "The Princess" cue from the mid-1960s.

    They're from a Sampaio line that was imported by J-S Sales Co. Inc., of Mount Vernon, NY. The catalog depicting the line was dated 1964.

    For more info and photos of the Sampaio Princess cue, see these previous questions and their related answers.

    You'll see price quotes from the 2005 Blue Book of Pool Cues 3rd Ed. which value the cue at between $700 and $1200 depending on condition. Ignore those. The current reality is 20% to 40% lower than that.

  2. ConiConi on 2/8/2023 3:44:47 PM

    Thank you! One more question...

    Can you point me in the right direction to get this Sampaio Princess cue appraised?

  3. Conibilliardsforum on 2/11/2023 8:55:22 AM

    You can try Classic Cues in CT.

    They offer several levels of appraisal services for pool cues.

  4. ConiConi on 2/11/2023 9:20:04 AM

    Thank you!

    I've checked them out, and it looks like a great place to start!

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Carved Sampaio Cue Value and Date

  • Title: Carved Sampaio Cue Value and Date
  • Author: (Michael Carter)
  • Published: 2/3/2023 5:28:22 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/8/2023 7:51:34 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)